Tired, but happy

Well, Whitby Goth went well. I got a beautiful kilt pin for £5, silver, shaped like two intertwining serpents in the Celtic style. Celtic art deserves more love I feel, and I would give anything to create artwork as intricate as this.

I also purchased a Ravenclaw tie, movie-style official merchandise. Its 100% silk construction can be worn either as a cosplay prop or a regular tie, giving it quite a repetoire.The influence of Harry Potter on me is undeniable. If there was no Harry Potter, there would be no Rekodenz, no word doodlings, no Sinead Fletcher. Before I discovered the magical world of JK Rowling, I didn’t care much for reading. Pretty much the only things I read were for school assignments. Where would I be if I was deprived of this wonderful series?

Probably cleaning toilets or something.

Now to bed. Stay stirring.



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