Trump Follies: Little victories

“The voter suppression is going great,” Donald Trump grinned over the phone, congratulating Hillary Clinton on her win in New York. “Now just throw the White House to me in November and we’re golden”.

“I heard you defending Senator Sanders just last night,” Clinton replied.

“Madam Secretary, I would have expected you to pick up on that being a shield for our master plan. Mind you, the Democrats aren’t being as sneaky as the Republicans. The people believe I’ll lose the nom to someone like Lyin’ Ted or Mormon enabler Paul Ryan, maybe even Ka-SICK. You’re being pretty forward about it, no matter how much you bribe the media to hush it. They’re getting aware.”

Clinton hung up.

Trump handed the phone to his secretary. “I tell ya Mavis, they’re only good for making sandwiches and ironing shirts. And that reminds me.”


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