Since my word doodles are proving popular…

…and I love automatic writing to begin with, it’s a wonderful warmup exercise!


Sweet sweet Jesus.

I see the stairway to heaven crashing down on the world. I run to the aid of humanity but they are all gone. I am the only one left, perfect, without blemish.

My name is Nobody. I have followed every scripture of every religion and none to the word. On Fridays I go to mosque, on Saturdays synagogue and on Sundays church. I try to make it to the Hindu temple on Tuesdays, but sometimes I’m distracted by the shiny Shinto shrine just down the road. I was a Buddhist monk for a while but the shaven hair clashed with the Nazarite vow I had taken. I’ve even been to the local Pastafarian meeting house a few times. They weren’t pleased when I suggested a spaghetti and fruit dinner though, grains and fruit being the only things I am allowed to eat.

Why do I work so hard, I hear you ask? I know that God reveals semself in different ways depending on the culture, but I don’t want to take any risks.

I talk to God every night and se answers in my mind. I do the same tonight.

“Nobody is damned for all eternity.”



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