A word doodle

I woke up in a deep sleep, saving the contradictions for the public eye like the regular Hillary Clinton I am.

I put some dirty old clothes on and walked down to the shop. The milk was speaking to me, saying “Reverse the state of the world!” So I poured it down the drain. Probably rats’ milk anyway. Also high in calories.

I bought a 20 pack of Rothmans. A 20 pack of Rothmans when I don’t even smoke, and the smokers I know all prefer Mayfairs. I sold them to a tramp on the corner for a scene out of Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Oh it was wild.

Dinner was a semi-cooked pigeon sandwiched between two lettuce leaves. Then it was back to bed in preparation for a night of White Lightning and Tesco Value sex robots.


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