I weep for the Euros.

As a design afficiando, I am disgusted at football shirt manufacturers using the same damn templates over and over again. And we’ve hit new heights with Nike almost seemingly forcing their Euro 2016 teams to wear their new “Vapour” template (quite a fitting name, I might add).

For Nike to learn how to do football shirts correctly, I suggest they take a look at the 2010 Umbro England shirt, one I still wear with pride:


Beautiful. (Pic courtesy englandfootballonline.com)

It’s wonderfully simple yet still unique, deservedly one of the most popular England tops for some time. Ironically enough, Nike owned Umbro at the time, selling them off in 2012 to steal the England and Man City contracts amongst others.

And the worst part? Nike has the chutzpah to sell their new England kit for £65 a pop! £65 for a generic template worn by almost every other Nike club which will become obsolete in a year or so! All I can say is I hope Umbro buy back the England rights once Nike’s contract expires. In the meantime, if you’re wanting an England shirt for the Euros I suggest you hit up eBay or your local charity shops. You’ll score a better-looking top for a fraction of the price.


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