How powerful can words get?

The famous Kabbalistic text, the Sefer Yetzirah, inextricably links the letters of the Hebrew alphabet to the creation of the universe itself:

Second, from the Spirit he (God) made Air and formed for speech twenty-two letters, three of which are mothers, A, M, SH, seven are double, B, G, D, K, P, R, T, and twelve are single, E, V, Z, CH, H, I, L, N, S, O, Tz, Q, but the spirit is first among these. Third, Primitive Water. He also formed and designed from his Spirit, and from the void and formless made earth, even as a rampart, or standing wall, and varied its surface even as the crossing of beams.

If letters are that powerful, what about words? We already know words to be powerful. Words can create and words can destroy. Words can change the world. But is this the limit of their potential?

I think not.

Their full power is beyond my feeble human brain. And yet I can imagine their maximum power being harnessed in a revolution spreading beyond this tiny universe.

I cannot wait.


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