Easter, idol worship and fundie hypocrisy

It seems strangely hypocritical to me that many fundamental Christians permit the celebration of Easter when banning everything else as “idolatry”.

Easter derived from pagan rites worshipping the goddess known as Ēastre to Anglo-Saxons. She was known as goddess of the dawn, and eggs were used to symbolise the “rebirth” of the sun in spring. Hares carried her light to the earth, hence the custom of the Easter Bunny.

So that’s all well and good, but when it gets to having kids’ dolls with blank faces like the Amish as a precaution against them becoming an idol while still celebrating this originally pagan holiday? Now I’m not suggesting they should stop celebrating Easter or even Saturnali- I mean Christmas, but maybe they should relax a bit when it comes to the whole “AAAAAARGH IDOLS!” thing. Pretty much every religion has reappropriated pagan holidays in keeping with the current religious mood. It still happens to this day. And no, little Mary won’t start worshipping her ragdolls.


One thought on “Easter, idol worship and fundie hypocrisy

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