Let’s talk about the NX

Well, images have surfaced purporting to be a prototype of Nintendo’s new home console project, the NX. However, they have been debunked as fakes and I can see why.


Let’s begin with the shape. Now while this was still allegedly a prototype, you would have figured that Nintendo would have settled on a shape by now and this probably won’t be it. Long periods of play are gonna dig those sides into your hands and make them tingle forcing you to hold it loosely, risking dropping.

The control nubs are something else, there is no way Nintendo would use hard plastic for them after the whole Mario Party debacle back in the N64 days. And where’s the D-pad?

And if it wasn’t obvious enough that it was a fake, it bears such a huge resemblance to this prototype patent when Nintendo would have likely gone beyond that stage:


Even the prototype DS from E3 2005 had a “Nintendo” feel to it. This just looks like the Gizmondo and an iPhone had a baby.


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