More Rekodenzian politics (and a real world political announcement)

Now it’s no secret that I’m very into the intricates of worldbuilding, so here I shall elaborate on the Rekodenzian general election process as of 20,345HE.

As mentioned in earlier posts, the general election runs on an FPTP system. This is legally mandated by the Fair Election Act of 20,174. Before this, many different methods were used in different districts, resulting in what the government believed to be inaccuracies.

Every district votes for the member of the party they would like to represent them in the Diet as well as a candidate for Prime Minister. The party affiliation of the two choices may differ, but data indicates that they are largely the same. Districts are usually compromised of precincts, ranging from two to thousands, and a result in the district is only tabulated once all precincts report in.

PS: On a related note, I’d like to take this opportunity to reveal who I am endorsing for President of the United States…


(drumroll please)


Donald Trump.




You really think I’d say that?


I support Bernie Sanders! It’s about time America joined most of the western world in providing basic medical services for free. And it’s high time those Wall Street fat cats got what was coming to them! This Briton feels the Bern and so should you!


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