A brief look at the political parties of Rekodenz

Recently, I discussed Rekodenzian political extremism. Well, you will be relieved to know that not all parties are like that.

As touched upon, the intraplanetary Diet operates on a FPTP system which has recieved criticism for being too skewed towards Xotopane. The Diet is further divided into two houses- the House of Representatives and the Senate. While there are thousands and thousands of active parties, only around 300 have representation in the Diet with the majority as of 20,345HE being the Liberal Party, led by Prime Minister Ƀaame Zammo. The dominant opposition party is currently the New Conservative Party, led by Emaake Kuɾu.

The Prime Minister is generally the leader of the party with the biggest Diet representation, however the Emperor of Rekodenz may intervene in some cases if se finds the leader unacceptable to the planet. In an election year (elections taking place every four years), people must decide who is to lead their chosen party in primaries before the general election towards the end of the year. However, the party may decide to elect another candidate other than the one the people voted for and in very rare cases the Emperor may intervene at this level.

As of 20,345HE, the leading parties are:

Ruling party and major allies (leader)

Liberal Party (Ƀaame Zammo)

Democrat Party (Yome Keziaza)

Lilac Party (full name the Party for Indigenous Rights and Social Justice, Ɍɾaaze Maaɾa)


Opposition party and major allies (leader)

New Conservative Party (Emaake Kuɾu)

Liberty League (Ɍaƀʷe Moɾa)

Patriot Party (Rev. Xaake Ƀeɾaɾʷaa)


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