Musings from St. Patricks mass

So I attended mass today for the first time in what seems like an eternity. Just for the parade though (kilted pipe band! Yay!). As I am impatient and sitting through a sermon is rather dull, my mind began to wander.

I got nothing from this sermon, very much in the “official” Catholic viewpoint. I am well aware that the Catholic religion, like every other religion and philosophy out there is a human attempt at grasping the lifeforce that permeates us. And it dismays me that some people will damn me for thinking that. Being forced into following the official interpretation of a religion with empty threats of hell is no fun at all. The viewpoint I have developed is that religion is a selfish thing, in the best way possible. It is a communion between per and the entity referred to as the Lord by Christians, Allah by Muslims, Adonai by Jews, Brahman by Hindus and many more names. It can only be fully grasped by testing it against others.

Furthermore, when it comes to mysticism, beliefs begin to merge together no matter how different they may look on the surface. Many parallels can be drawn between Kabbalism and Sufism, Pure Land Buddhism amd Rosicrusianism. This just further proves that people are worshipping one and the same, no matter what they call sem.

And nobody wants to go to hell, do they? 🙂


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