Political discourse the Scrublands Lizard way

Scrublands Lizard was aware of ses reputation as the most hated per on the planet. However, laws against speciesist abuse of ethnic parties were interpreted by most to prevent any open criticism. So on the rare occassion a brave brainchip warrior decided to less-than-praise sem on social media, se was stuck for a reply.

This time, it was a Rekomeet user from the other side of the planet:

“wadr sl are you aware that five million indigenous rekodenzians in the scrublands can no longer practice their cultural traditions in safety with you forcing your ‘pan-rekodenzian’ version on them?”

Scrublands Lizard took one look at the message and replied:

“no i am not aware. why don’t you go back to eating reko doh and soiling yourself instead of asking me those questions”

Oh, the political scene on Rekodenz circa 20,345HE was a gas.


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