The extremist political parties of Rekodenz


The Planetwide Flag of Rekodenz. Pretty, huh?

I figured I’d best start sharing some Rekodenz with the world at large. And in light of recent events, what better way to start than the planet’s extremist political parties?


As of 20,345HE (human colonial era) there is a planetwide Diet (Ɍii’ara) operating on an FPTP system. It is heavily skewed towards Xotopane, with every electorate in the planet’s capital represented. This is a bone of contention not only because other areas are underrepresented, but also because it enables the rise of Xotopane-based political parties with extremist leanings, the two biggest being the Unification Party and the Human Party.

The Unification Party

The UP, led by an enigmatic obvious halfblood using the pseudo-Anglic alias “Scrublands Lizard”, believes that the well-documented colonisation of the planet was not as peaceful as reported in “human-biased government sources” and that the Government has long supported a programme to breed out full-blooded Rekodenzians (despite eugenics being illegal planetwide). Humans are forbidden from joining, and half-blooded Rekodenzians are allowed provided they renounce their human heritage. Their belief in segregation has led to some attacks on their members and the Government, acting under the Speciesism Act, to allocate most of the Scrublands north of Xotopane as a refuge much to the chagrin of most inhabitants.

The Human Party

The Human Party seeks to combat percieved injustices against the descendents of human colonisers. Sounds innocent enough, but the party, led by Domvall Ɍumafa, bans all people of less than three registered full-blooded human grandparents from joining and like the UP has called for laws against species mixing. The Liberal-led Government has repeatedly denied their application for protection against species discrimination under the ethnic party status under the grounds of their extremism, critics pointing out that the equally extreme UP has been granted not only that status but their own land.]



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